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Training is in the Yang Cheng Fu and Yang Lo Chan long forms of Tai Chi Chuan as an internal martial art and for health, personal interest, or to become an Instructor. It includes Qi Gong training, including push hands (Tui Shou and Dalu), iron shirt (Bagua Chang), and elementary Dim Mak aspects of Tai Chi.


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Training is conducted in the traditional manner, just steadily getting on with learning Tai Chi. Qi Gong and Push Hands are integral to the training. Learn more about the Traditional Tai Chi approach.

Your teacher holds a Black Belt/ 8th degree (1986), granted in-person by Master Ian Garbett and Master Erle Montaigue (both of Australia), and has had a lifelong involvement in Tai Chi and therapeutic movement.

USA: DURING COVID training is online at, Ongoing. Winchester-Middletown, VA. Saturday afternoon Tai Chi training throughout the year studying the entire Yang Cheng Fu long form, then in subsequent years also studying the historical form of Yang Lo Chan. Push hands and Dim Mak essentials are also explored. New beginners please contact us for current class times and next intake. The advanced group trains every "Tai Chi Tuesday" evening and "Therapeutic Thursday" is a one hour class of internal energy building.
USA FEES & Info: Please go to Traditional Tai Chi for more info about the styles of Tai Chi and the instructor's teaching approach. See also Ranna Tai Chi.

One day workshop intensives, City of the Blue Mountains, NSW. Begins with the first third of the Yang Cheng Fu Tai Chi long form. Aspects of Therapeutic Qi Gong are also covered. $100.00 per day. Dates are based on the teacher's travel schedule.

Upon achieving independent proficiency in Yang Cheng Fu long form, you are then taught the older Yang Lo Chan long form. You are also guided through more advanced energy aspects of the two long forms, of Qi Gong, Push Hands and deeper learning towards the essence of Tai Chi.

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